Before you embark on your next home renovation, consider updating your windows and doors to increase the comfort, aesthetics, and value of your home.

Say goodbye to the poor performance and on-going maintenance of your aging timber joinery. New windows and doors can change the way light, sound, and fresh air move in and out of your home.

Choose your windows, doors and hardware from one of our ranges, or mix and match to suit your project – it’s your build, your way, with Hagley.

How does it work?

Existing joinery is removed entirely and a new window or door and framing structure is installed. It is a full replacement giving you the opportunity to completely change the colour, style and configuration of your windows and doors.

What's involved?

Existing joinery including facings, flashings and architraves are completely removed. The opening is then prepared with flashing tapes and sill pans. New joinery is installed; plumb, level and square before it is fixed off to the current NZ Building Code requirements.

External head flashings, facings, scribers (and decorative sills if required) are fitted. To stop draughts and air flow, an internal air seal is applied between the house framing and the new window reveal. Finally, the internal architraves are fitted.

Once installation is complete, you will need to fill and paint the interior liners and architraves, return furniture and reinstate your window coverings.